Pink Panty Blowout

In this video, Pompeii enters her shit-chamber donning a long skirt. She lifts up her skirt and begins playing with her ass, smacking and spreading it – teasing you for what is to come. Just what is to come, you ask? Well, after a delicious taco dinner, Pompeii blasts a massive sticky shit into her hot pink panties. She drags her panties to the side carefully, to keep the load balanced, and shows you the side view – a massive pile of shit in her panties. She then begins re-seating her panties to show just how big the bulge is. Towards the end of the clip, Pompeii brings her camera in for a close-up frontal view of the damage, and her pussy and thighs/ass are completely caked in her sticky shit. Her slave loves this video so much that he craves to smash his face into her shitty pussy and clean it all up, and you will want to, too…


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