PART 2 streetwalker bitch does anything for money


“custom with you fucking yourself with a dildo in front of the camera. Try to have the camera back a bit, so that your face and whole body are in the shot during the video, the only exception would be the blowjob parts. The general idea is that you are a streetwalker slut that I pick up, you greet me and take me to your place (if you can, wear a dress that is cut like a miniskirt, or something low cut and a low cut skirt). You start with a blowjob trying to deepthroat, when I start fucking your face deep and fast. You complain that it’s too rough, but I ignore you and continue to fuck your face hard. You try to protest more, but I keep face fucking you, muffling any complaints you have. Face fuck yourself fast to holding it down your throat with a lot of gagging, and repeating, I love a really nasty sloppy deepthroat. If you can, try holding your mouth open with you tongue down and fucking your throat. Just let anything that comes up out of your mouth as you continue to deepthroat, I love seeing it drip out of your mouth as you continue to deepthroat. Keep the muffled protests up as I continue to face fuck you finally cumming in your throat. Ask me if we’re down as you gather your breath, but I tell you no and to get naked and in doggie (with your legs spread and ass facing the camera). I start fucking your pussy, you tell me that I need to use a condom, but I don’t listen and keep fucking it anyways. I fuck you for a bit with you telling me to stop and use on a condom because you’re not on birth control. I decide to listen to you and pull out, only to stick it in your ass. You scream in pain as I enter your ass, telling me to stop this wasn’t the deal. Again, I don’t listen and continue pounding your ass as you cry in pain begging me to stop. Let me pound you ass a bit and then alternate between your ass and pussy. End this segment with me cumming in your ass. Roll over in pain grabbing your ass and ask me if I’m done. I tell you not yet and make you deepthroat me some more to clean off my cock from cumming in your ass. I facefuck you hard again, causing you to gag, again let anything that comes up just drip out of your mouth as you continue to deepthroat. After a bit of this, I push you back on the bed (missionary) and start fucking your ass. Continue to cry in pain asking me to stop as I fuck your ass in this position. After a bit I switch to your pussy. You tell me to stop as you’re not on birth control but I keep fucking you until I cum. I give you your money and leave. ) throughout the video if you can, telling me to stop, etc.”


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