Nasty Diaper Flavor

I decided to make a video in which all day long I will shit in my diaper, wearing it all day, doing my household chores. I wonder how much it can hold? When I wake up in the morning, I put on a diaper and gray leggings and fart and shit in my diaper and make them dirty. Then at lunch I drink coffee with a croissant, wash dishes and I suddenly feel like going to shit. I run to the bathroom, take off my leggings and shit inside my morning diaper. Then I play computer games and fart in that diaper. It’s already full of shit and my scent. Finally, in the evening, when I had already gone to bed, I again had the urge to poop and i was shitting lying in my diaper. Then I get out of bed, take off my diaper and show you my dirty ass and what’s inside my diaper. Shit aroma was incredible! 💩💩💩💩😘


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