Manure Party Pit

Manure Party Pit

Rada Brewer and Lyndra Lynn are at a party near the cowshed, they take a break from the party and wander around, then they see some floatable toys near the large manure pit. They decide to have some fun, so they grab the toys and climb down the ladder. Down in the pit, they both climb on their inflatable wooden log and begin their first fight. Rada deals some good hits and Lyndra loses the balance and falls down into the creamy cow dung. Rada laughs at Lyndra and in an instant Lyndra takes revenge and pushes Rada down in the cow dung. Now both girls are covered in the creamy stinky mess. As soon as both realize what happens horniness overcomes them. Both begin to kiss first, then they go over to the ladder, where Rada climbs up and Lyndra begins to lick her asshole. Then both go over to the floating mattress and begin to lick each other’s pussies. In between they go for a little swim in the large Manure Pit before continuing to fuck each other with toys and their fingers. Both have a lot of fun in the large pit with the huge amount of cow dung. They fuck each other in different positions till the end, where both have a nice orgasm and decide that’s enough and both climb out.



Video Length: 50 Minutes

Manure Party Pit Trailer


Starring in this video

Lyndra Lynn

German, 25 years old

Rada Brewer

Manure Party Pit

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