Facesitting Shit Hole

This a special day. I’m going to punish my slave for his dissobedience. He has been lying on the floor waiting for a considerable time. I begin with licking my shoes and some facesitting. His muffled attemps to breath or speak, are easily snuffed out with my beautifull ass on his face. As I continue, I decide to let him further enjoy the aroma of my ass. Such a lucky slut. As he continually struggles for air, I prepare him for my special treat. I’m going to get this dissobedient slut to eat my shit. With his mouth open, I relieve myself with a nice pile of shit directly into his mouth and face. Then i sit on his shitty face with my beautiful ass. For now I’ll make him to choke, and suffocate for a while on my exotic shit. Enjoy!!


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