CaLvin kLein Jeans Pooping

I have a lucky little man like you that gets to get smothered in an avalanche of my shit inside my light-colored Calvin Klein jeans! I put your mouth in the ass of my pants and start pushing and pushing… goes on for a loooong time….it seems like the creamy poop load just keeps coming! Imagine you in there getting suffocated haha!
Lots of pushing, straining, grunting, strained facial expressions, panting, long deep breaths of relief! It was a long shit that took forever! Even after I thought I was done and I stood up to show you the mess in my jeans, even more came out! Nice surprise hehe So it does sadly finally stop and I am standing up showing you the poop mess hehe. I finally take them off and show you the creamy load inside, then once they are off inside my jeans on the floor.
Enjoy my AWESOME pants pooping video! Now the jeans are sitting there are the floor, it is stinking up my place but I am afraid to touch it and clean it up cuz it is so nasty! hehehe Contact me about purchasing the jeans with the load in them ?


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